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8th May 2010

For those who do not know who the “Rebel Dog” is, then this story on should be enlightening. The following is a direct quote from the aforementioned story:

Amid the turmoil of the Greece financial crisis, photos and videos of street protests have turned up a kind of canine “Where’s Waldo” figure: a mutt that may have some German shepherd genes, and clearly has a strong interest in civic disorder.

While one can’t be certain that it’s the same pooch at every protest — Athens is something of a magnet for street-savvy stray dogs — this mutt does sport a distinctive blue collar, which may indicate that, while he’s a stray, he’s also current on his shots.

By some accounts, the dog has been on the Athens protest scene ever since 2008 (though some say the 2008 pooch is a similar-looking dog named Kanellos who established himself as a fixture at demonstrations and died that year).

For those who have stayed in Bangkok, Thailand the site of Bangkok’s Soi Dogs is a common occurrence as the city boasts a large number of calm yet unowned Soi (or “Street” in English) Dogs. As Thai people have a primarily Buddhist mindset, their attitude towards these animals is, essentially: Live and Let Live. This attitude should not be mistaken for neglect or indifference as the Thai Humane Society and various other charitable organizations see to it that many of these animals are spade and/or neutered in an effort to keep the population of such animals low. Furthermore, the anecdotal evidence of instances of hostile Soi Dogs would seem to suggest that hostility on the part of the Soi Dogs is uncommon.

These animals are mostly fed by local street vendors or those living in neighborhoods that are chosen territory of the dogs. For the most part, Thai Soi Dogs are not considered a threat and some have even gone so far as to note the seeming indifference of the Bangkok Soi Dogs. In most cases, such dogs barely notice their human counterparts going about their business.

Since the beginning of the political protests in Thailand, this author has wondered if there would be any Soi Dog displacement as protesters take up positions in the streets formerly held by Soi Dogs. As of yet, there have been no dog’s with rebellious characteristics such as the one noted in Athens. This lack of canine rebellion may stem from the fact that Bangkok’s Soi Dos are less rebellious when compared to their Athenian counterparts.

For those interested in learning more information about Soi Dogs in Bangkok please see: Soi Dogs.

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