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16th January 2010

The US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is open throughout the year and keeps regular business hours from Monday to Friday of each week. The different Sections of the Embassy have differing operating hours which mostly depends upon each section’s internal administrative needs. However, many expats and tourists in Thailand are unaware that the Embassy is closed in observance of both Thai and American holidays. This can cause frustration as some people  go to the Embassy under the mistaken belief that it is open when in fact it is closed in observance of either a United States Federal Holiday or an official Holiday in the Kingdom of Thailand.

In 2009, this author went to the US Embassy thinking it would be open only to find it closed in observance of Veteran’s day. The author should have checked the closing schedule before going, but this is an example of how the more obscure holidays (both US and Thai) can be overlooked by those traveling to the Embassy. Therefore, in an effort to forestall others making this same mistake, particularly those who must travel a long way to get to the Embassy, we have provided the 2010 list of holiday closures at the American Embassy in Bangkok.

In order to provide up to date information for those who wish to go to the Embassy, the following is a list of the holiday observances in 2010. On these dates, the US Embassy in Bangkok and the US Consulate in Chiang Mai will be closed.

January 1 Friday New Year’s Day

January 18 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday

February 15 Monday Presidents’ Day

April 6 Tuesday King Rama I Memorial and Chakri Day

April 13 Tuesday Songkran Day

April 14 Wednesday Songkran Day

April 15 Thursday Songkran Day

May 5 Wednesday Coronation Day

May 28 Friday Visakha Bucha Day

May 31 Monday Memorial Day

July 5 Monday Substitute for Independence Day

August 12 Thursday Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday

September 6 Monday Labor Day

October 11 Monday Columbus Day

October 25 Monday Substitute for Chulalongkorn Day

November 11 Thursday Veterans Day

November 25 Thursday Thanksgiving Day

December 6 Monday Substitute for His Majesty the King’s Birthday

December 10 Friday Constitution Day

December 24 Friday Substitute for Christmas Day

December 31 Friday Substitute for New Year’s Day

As stated previously, on the above dates the Embassy will be closed, this includes the American Citizen Services Section of both the Embassy in Bangkok and the Consulate in Chiang Mai. This could lead to difficulties for those in emergency situations who need a passport. The United States Embassy provides Emergency contact information for those needing assistance while the Embassy is closed. Follow this url to the US Embassy website for more information about contacting the Embassy during holiday closing times:

For those interested in more information about obtaining a US visa for a Thai loved one please see K1 visa or K3 visa.

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16th November 2009

Each year, thousands of American Citizens travel to the Kingdom of Thailand as tourists, business travelers, investors, students, or to visit family in Thailand. In some situations an American Citizen needs something that must be officially issued by an organ of the government of the United States of America. In most cases, the US Citizen can get the official documentation from the American Citizen Services section of the United States Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. There was a time when many complained about the service at American Citizen Services (also known as ACS), but today this section is very efficient and staffed by very polite service oriented officers.

Of the many things that American Citizen Services does, one of the most important functions is passport issuance. For those that are interested in obtaining a new American passport while in Thailand, it would be wise to contact ACS as they can facilitate passport issuance. For those who have lost a passport in Thailand or had their passport stolen, it is best to report the theft to the police and then proceed to the American Citizen Services section to obtain a new passport.

It should be noted that it may be possible in limited cases for American Citizens to receive a second passport from ACS. Second passports are rarely issued, but for certain travelers a second passport may be a necessity. Therefore, American Citizen Services and the Department of State may grant a second passport to worthy applicants.

Those that need an American notary can go to the American Citizen Services section because the Consular Officers can notarize documentation for official purposes. Please note that there is a charge for this service and one should check the US Embassy website for an updated fee quotation.

Those getting a Thai drivers license may need to go to American Citizen Services as it may be necessary to fill out an affidavit regarding one’s residence. The same can be said for one who wishes to register a marriage in Thailand as a trip to American Citizen Services may be required.

Some are under the mistaken impression that American Citizen Services has a hand in the Amity Treaty certification process for a Thai Company. This is not necessarily true as the American Citizen Services Section generally does not have any direct involvement in this process except for possible notarizations.

American Citizen Services does not generally deal with US visa matters. Although they do assist in producing a document called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad which can be used for obtaining a US passport on behalf of a child of an American Citizen.  The US Consulate in Chiang Mai also has an American Citizen Services section. It fulfills functions similar to its counterpart in Bangkok.

For those interested in visiting ACS it may be advisable to schedule an appointment in advance via their online appointment scheduling service. To learn more visit the ACS webpage here.

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