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17th Mar 2009

Many people who move to Thailand have a difficult time handling legal tasks that they take for granted in their home country. Getting a Thai drivers license is a seemingly simple task that in Thailand can be time consuming and frustrating. The Thai Department of Transportation is the agency where one can obtain a Thai drivers license.

For the long term expat living in Thailand it may become necessary to obtain a Thai Drivers License. Although Thailand does recognize international drivers licenses in practice the lack of a genuine Thai Drivers License can lead to many inconveniences. Another benefit of obtaining a Thai Drivers License is that it is a widely recognized form of identification in the Kingdom. This article is a brief summary of the process for getting a Thai Drivers License.

One of the major requirements for those seeking a Thai Drivers License, but do not wish to sit for the examination or road test is a valid driving license from another country. An international driving license can also be used for this purpose. If one does not have a valid driving license then they must sit for all portions of the Thai driving examination.

For those seeking a Thai driving license it is necessary to have a long term Thai Visa such as a Thai business visa or O Visa and to either provide a Thai work permit or an affidavit from the foreign nationals Embassy stating that they are a resident in Thailand. It will also be necessary to get a certificate from a Thai Doctor stating that the license seeker is in good health. One needs to specifically ask the Doctor for a certificate for a license.

A unique part of the Thai Driving license obtainment process is the tests of color blindness, depth perception, and reaction time. For an American, these tests can seem rather alien as they are not required to obtain a driver’s license in the USA.

Another frequently asked question is how to obtain a motorcycle license in Thailand. A Thai Motorcycle license is a different license than a license to drive a regular car. To obtain this license it may be necessary to demonstrate an ability to ride a motorbike on a track monitored by a Thai transportation officer.

If you are seeking a Thai driving license contact Integrity Legal and we can assist with the process. We will send a Thai agent with you to the Department of Transportation in order to obtain a Thai Drivers license quickly and effectively. Contact Integrity Legal Today!

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    I am interested to do this. Can it be done in a day?
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    If I show proof of property ownership, is this enough?

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