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14th Apr 2009

Thailand Work Permits

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Many people dream of living and working in Thailand. Some love the beaches, while others love the exotic atmosphere and “mai pen rai,” attitude of the Thai people. Still others see Thailand as a land of unexploited opportunity. Whatever employment opportunities Thailand holds, it is imperative that a non-Thai seeking employment in Thailand first acquire a Thai work permit before they begin working in the Kingdom.

The Difference Between a Thai Work Permit and a Thai Business Visa

Unlike some other countries, notably Korea, Thailand has a system in which a long term visa is a different document from a work permit. A common misconception is the belief that a Thai Business Visa gives the bearer the right to work in Thailand. A Business visa and a Thai work permit are two different documents issued by two different Thai government agencies. The Thai work permit is issued by the Thai Ministry of Labour while the Thai Business Visa is issued at a Royal Thai Consulate overseas and extended at a Royal Thai Immigration police office within the Kingdom.

Who Needs A Thai Work Permit?

In Thailand a work permit is a necessity for the expat wishing to earn a living in the tropical Kingdom. Many people in Thailand opt to work without obtaining the proper work permit. Still others work for companies and are told that a Thai work permit is not needed. This scenario is often played out where teaching is involved. Many teachers are told by their schools that they do not need a work permit. In reality, anyone engaging in any sort of labor in Thailand must obtain a work permit. Even those participating in charity work must get a Thai work permit.

How can a Thai Lawyer Assist in Obtaining a Thai Work Permit

A Thai lawyer can give specific advice regarding the steps that must be taken in order to obtain a Thai work permit. Also, a competent legal professional can accompany the non-Thai work permit seeker to the Thai Ministry of Labour (Labor) in order to submit the work permit application and ultimately obtain the actual Thai work permit. It is always recommended that those seeking a Thai work permit retain the services of a legal professional in order to expedite the application properly.

Note: None of the above post should be used in lieu of legal advice from a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction in which one wishes to conduct business.

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