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1st September 2010

Employment based visas are sometimes more difficult to obtain during periods of acute economic stagnation. It is this author’s opinion, that one of the main strategies to spur growth in the United States of America is through immigration. An influx of foreign skilled labor and investment would create an environment in the USA that fosters both innovation as well as tangible economic growth. The current President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) was recently discussing the EB5 visa in the context of the overall American economic recovery. To quote directly from the AILA Leadership blog:

One of the strongest arguments in favor of comprehensive immigration reform is that it will make America more prosperous and competitive.  All credible studies show that an immigration system which meets the needs of businesses and US workers will add trillions to the economy, raise wages, and put Americans back to work.  Simply stated, immigration reform is good business and good for America’s future.

That’s why I was very excited to attend and give the opening remarks at the EB-5 Investor’s Conference which took place last Friday in Boston before a sell-out crowd.  Last month in my installation speech at the AILA Annual Conference I recalled Ronald Reagan’s final farewell to the nation in which he described his vision of America as beckoning immigrants with “the will and the heart” to get here.  Reagan understood that America’s strength is its openness: its celebration of creativity and new ideas.  And who is a better example of that then an immigrant who is willing to risk hard earned resources for the chance at the American Dream?

In his introductory remarks EB-5 Investor Visa conference chair Lincoln Stone referred to the visa as the “Golden Ticket.”  His description is spot on.  The visa has lead to investment across the US in areas that suffer higher rates of unemployment.  To be sure, it is a fast developing area.   Practitioners and entrepreneurs must master not only the intricacies of the law, but be sure to be aware of the ethical and fiduciary issues that come with the territory. Yet, it is beyond dispute that by attracting much needed capital to the US this visa category has the potential to indeed become a “Golden Ticket” for America.  What else can you say about a visa that by definition directly creates jobs for US workers and helps stimulate the US economy?

This author is of the opinion that any investment in the United States economy is a benefit to the nation as a whole. The beauty of the EB-5 visa program is that it provides for foreign nationals seeking a “Win-Win” situation for all of those involved in the process. The visa itself is a substantial benefit for the visa holder while the US economy gets the benefit of new jobs as well as fresh insights into business practices and methods for increasing productivity, efficiency, and in some cases employee morale.  That said, those seeking an EB-5 visa are well advised to contact an American attorney with experience in US Immigration matters as such a professional can provide highly beneficial information about the dynamics of the EB-5 program itself and the processing protocols for US Immigration petitions and applications arising therefrom.

The EB-5 program should not be confused with the E1 visa or the E2 visa. These programs offer differing visa benefits compared to the EB-5 visa.

For further information about American Immigration issues please see: Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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