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22nd June 2017

It recently came to this blogger’s attention that President Trump recently promulgated an executive order which amends a prior Obama administration order which dealt directly with processing procedures for non-immigrant visas to the United States of America. This Presidential executive order was enacted on June 21, 2017. The most pertinent section of the order, in this blogger’s opinion, reads as follows:

Section 1.  Amendment to Executive Order 13597.  Executive Order 13597 of January 19, 2012 (Establishing Visa and Foreign Visitor Processing Goals and the Task Force on Travel and Competitiveness), is amended by deleting subsection (b)(ii) of section 2 of that order.

In order to better understand the importance of this amendment, it is important to quote directly from the aforementioned order, specifically the section being deleted:

(b) The Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, in consultation with the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the heads of such agencies as appropriate, shall develop an implementation plan, within 60 days of the date of this order, describing actions to be undertaken, including those that build upon efforts underway, to achieve the following…

(ii) ensure that 80 percent of nonimmigrant visa applicants are interviewed within 3 weeks of receipt of application, recognizing that resource and security considerations and the need to ensure provision of consular services to U.S. citizens may dictate specific exceptions;

As the underlined portion noted above points out the specific section which has been deleted seems imply that fast non-immigrant visa processing is no longer a significant priority of the administration. Moreover, the President has specifically ordered Department of State personnel to disregard the previous administration’s clear policy of using best efforts to quickly process visa applications of those seeking non-immigrant visa benefits for the USA.

What type of visa applicants will most likely be affected by this policy change? Applicants for visas such as the B-1 visa (business visa), the B-2 visa (tourist visa), F-1 visa (student visa), J-1 visa (exchange visitor visa), as well as any other visa which is considered a non-immigrant visa (with the probable exception of so-called “dual intent visas“) will be directly impacted by this recent order. Concurrently, what will this mean in practical terms for processing of future visa applications? On the bright side, it takes time for policies to be enacted and thus result in a substantial impact on applicants. Furthermore, as the previous administration enacted policies to speed up non-immigrant visa processing and made practical provisions associated therewith it seems logical to infer that such measures are unlikely to be reversed quickly. Therefore, those seeking non-immigrant visa benefits in the near future are unlikely to be overwhelmingly adversely affected. That stated, those seeking similar benefits in a longer term context could see application processing times lagging compared to present time frames.

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7th January 2010

For those interested in finding out detailed information regarding United States business visas from Thailand please see our main page at: B1 visa Thailand. For further general information about American Immigration from the Kingdom of Thailand please see: US Visa Thailand.

The B-1 Visa in 2010

In this writer’s opinion, the US Business Visa Process will probably remain relatively unchanged in 2010. That being said, it does provide an opportunity to re-explore this American travel document.

The B-1 Business visa is a non-immigrant visa intended for those who wish to travel to the United States for short term business purposes. It is not a dual intent visa meaning that one who applies for a B-1 visa must have bona fide non-immigrant intent. Those who have an undisclosed intention to immigrate to the United States of America at the time of application should disclose this fact in the application form and/or the visa interview. Failure to disclose immigrant intent could be construed as fraud and/or misrepresentation of a material fact. A finding of fraud and misrepresentation of material fact could lead to the applicant being found inadmissible to enter the United States. This inadmissibility would likely then only be remedied by an approved I-601 waiver application. Due to the drastic consequences that can befall a non-immigrant visa applicant, it is always wise to be completely candid on a visa application and explain all of one’s reasons for traveling to the United States of America.

The B1 visa is often issued in tandem with a US tourist visa, also known as a B2 visa. This visa category is utilized by those traveling to the United States for recreational purposes. Consular Officers will often issue combined B1/B2 visas because the applicant is planning a trip which combines elements of both business and pleasure. For example, a Thai doctor may travel to the United States to attend a medical seminar and visit family and friends after the seminar ends. In this case, a B1/B2 visa would be optimal because it encompasses all of the activities that the applicant will be undertaking in the United States.

As with many types of non-immigrant single intent visas, the applicant must overcome the statutory presumption of immigrant intent under section 214b of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act. The applicant must essentially show that they have such strong ties to Thailand (or any other country outside of the USA) that they will not remain in America past the expiration of their visa.

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