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18th Apr 2009

The affidavit of support is used to prove that an American Citizen can support a Thai fiancee or wife in the USA. Although the form is issued by USCIS, it is presented at the Thai fiancee or spouse’s interview at the American Embassy in Bangkok Thailand. The type of visa one wishes to obtain will make the difference in the type of Affidavit of Support that will be necessary to show the US Citizen petitioner’s ability to support a Thai fiancee or wife in the United States.

The I-134 and I-864 affidavit of support to Prove Financial ability for US Visa Sponsorship

There are two affidavit forms used in US Family Immigration matters that are used to prove that a US citizen is indeed capable of sponsoring his loved one at the statutorily prescribed levels. The I-134 and the I-864 are the two different affidavit forms and their use with regard to visa category depends upon the situation and the visa being sought.

Financial Requirements

Currently, for the I-864 affidavit of support, the US Citizen must show that he or she can support his Thai fiancee or spouse at a level equal to 125% of the Federal poverty guidelines (as calculated by Housing and Human Services) for the year in which the visa is being sought.

The Binding Effect of the I-864 affidavit of Support upon a US Citizen

Some US Citizens are interested in how binding their financial commitments are with regard to the I-864 affidavit of Support. There is some case law that has allowed US Permanent Resident former spouse of US Citizens the right to collect money from the US Citizen spouse based upon the finding that the Permanent Resident is the third-party beneficiary of an agreement between the United States government and the US Citizen. Also, the US Citizen will be liable to the US government for the relevant costs should the Permanent Resident spouse become a public charge.

Proving Financial Ability and Obtaining Assistance with the Affidavit of Support

Generally, a US Citizen’s ability to support a fiancee or spouse is proven by presenting evidence showing the US Citizen’s income is above the statutorily mandated 125% of the poverty guidelines. Proving the financial ability to support a fiancee can be somewhat difficult if the US Citizen’s income does not meet the 125% requirement. Using assets to prove financial ability is one method, while many people opt to simply utilize a joint sponsor in order to meet the financial requirements. Joint sponsorship is a popular method of overcoming affidavit of support issues.

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