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18th Sep 2009

In a recent report published by the Immigration Policy Center, the issues surrounding United States Immigration and its demographic impact were discussed. To quote an email sent out by the Center, the demographics of Immigrant’s in the United States is somewhat surprising:

“Roughly one-in-seventeen U.S. citizens are foreign-born, and tens of millions of native-born U.S. citizens have immigrant parents. This demographic reality has important political ramifications. A rising share of the U.S. electorate has a direct personal connection to the immigrant experience, and is unlikely to be favorably swayed by politicians who employ anti-immigrant rhetoric to mobilize supporters.”

The fact is: were it not for the influx of immigrants to the United States, the “birth dearth” being experienced in other western countries would be highly prevalent in the United States of America. Immigrants add a great deal to the American economy as well as the societal structure as they compensate for the aging American population. Systems such as social security and Medicare would be in far greater peril were there to be no influx of foreign immigrants traveling to America on a USA visa in order to live and work.

In the same email, there were some compelling statistics regarding immigrant populations in the United States:

“There were 38.1 million immigrants living in the United States as of 2007, of whom 42.5% were naturalized U.S. citizens.

The number of naturalized U.S. citizens increased from 8 million in 1990, to 12.5 million in 2000, to 16.2 million in 2007.

There were 45.5 million Latinos in the United States in 2007, of whom 11.2% were naturalized U.S. citizens and 60.2% were native-born U.S. citizens.

There were 13.3 million Asians living in the United States as of 2007, of whom 37.7 % were naturalized U.S. citizens and 31.8% were native-born U.S. citizens.”

Of particular interest for this author is the final statistic regarding people of Asian descent. As a law firm in Bangkok that primarily handles United States Immigration for Thai fiancees and spouses of US Citizens, this statistic truly hit home. The K1 visa, the K3 visa, and the CR1 visa applications are processed at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. We see many happy couples using the American Immigration system in order to reunite with their US Citizen loved ones. Many of these immigrants proceed to adjust their status and remain with their American loved one long term. Some proceed further and complete the naturalization process. In many cases, children are born from these happy unions. In all, America is fueled by Immigration as it is a nation of immigrants. As time passes hopefully the American government will keep this in mind when creating new legislation which impacts the Immigration process.

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