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1st Apr 2009

Thailand Company Registration

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Thailand is a wonderful place to live and work. Each year many tourists turned entrepreneurs try their luck at setting up a small business in Thailand. Some Thai businesses succeed fabulously while other Thai companies take a while to get off the ground. Then there is the case of the Thai company that fails to survive past the first year. One of the biggest problems in getting a Thai venture going is taking care of the legalities.

Every year, many businessmen try to earn a living as a small business owner in Thailand. The ones who fail often take a “let’s wing it,” attitude towards Thai law. They will often fail to incorporate a duly formalized Thai company. In another effort to cut corners in a legal sense is the propensity of some small business owners of working in their business without a Thai work permit. This is a major problem because the authorities at the Thai Ministry of Labour and Royal Thai Immigration frown upon this practice. Under provisions of the Thai Immigration Act, if a non-Thai is in violation of his visa status or is caught working in Thailand without a proper work permit then the consequences could be dire. Foreigners who engage in this practice are often fined, deported, and even jailed for violated the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

There are many different types of Thai corporate structures. One could set up a:  Thai limited company, Thai Limited Partnership, a Regional Operating Headquarters, as well as many other types of structures, but limited liability may not be conferred on some entities. An option for Americans wishing to do business in Thailand is seeking certification under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity and owning and operating a Treaty of Amity Company under its provisions. Some people even utilize a Thai corporate structure in order to control Thai Real Estate that they would otherwise not be allowed to own under Thailand property law.

A competent lawyer in Bangkok can assist in both incorporating a Thai company and obtaining a proper Thai work permit and long term Thai business visa in order to remain in Thailand and run a business. It is imperative to make sure the regulations of Thailand are carried out to the letter and failure to do so could not only endanger ones business, but also lead to possible government penalties.

Note: Nothin in this article should be used as a substittute for advice from a competent licensed attorney in the jurisdiction in which one wishes to do business.

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