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25th March 2009

As an American Lawyer in Bangkok, I often come across many strange laws, be they American, Thai, or any other nationality. For fun I decided to compile a list of some of the more eccentric laws from around the world. It should be noted that some of these laws if taken out of context may seem odd, but after a bit of explanation make more sense. So, without further ado…

World’s Weirdest Laws

United States

In my native State of Kansas, in a town called Natoma it is illegal to practice knife throwing at men wearing striped suits.

This begs the question: Are men in non-striped suits fair game?

An effort to make the punishmnt fit the crime

An effort to make the punishmnt fit the crime

The Republic of Korea (Commonly referred to as South Korea)

In South Korea, traffic police must make a report of all bribes that they receive from drivers.

As a former long term resident of Korea, I will say that Koreans would not try to bribe a cop, but it is even more unlikely that the police would break protocol by not reporting their windfall. Korean police follow procedure to the letter.

Thanks to Korean Jurisprudence we dont need to worry about where they got the money to pay for this

Thanks to Korean Jurisprudence we don't need to worry about where they got the money to pay for this

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Commonly referred to as North Korea probably because it is neither democratic, a republic, nor in any way run by the people)

North Korea has the designation of being the only country in the world in which the Head of State is a dead man. Kim Jong-Il enacted a law declaring his father, Kim Il-Sung, Eternal President. Kim Il-Sung was his son’s predecessor and apparently still his boss.

On a side note, there is some speculation that Kim Jong-Il may in fact be dead at the time of this writing. The fact of Mr. Kim’s death may be kept hidden in order to keep the North Korean population docile. If Mr. Kim is in fact dead, but still nominally holding his title as what amounts to head of government, then North Korea would be the only country in history to be ruled by two dead men.

As if he wasnt already weird enough...

As if he wasn't already weird enough...


The city-state of Singapore prides itself on law and order as well as boasting one of the cleanest urban centers on Earth. In Singapore, if found guilty of littering three times, then the punishment is cleaning the streets on Sundays with a bib on saying, “I am a litterer.”

Somewhere, and Indian is laughing.

... for a reason

... for a reason

The United Kingdom

All English men above the age of fourteen are to perform two hours of longbow practice a week observed by a member of the local clergy.

During the middle ages in England there was no permanent army. Therefore in wartime each feudal lord was obliged to procure a certain number of archers, knights, and infantrymen. At this time, the church was the only organization sophisticated enough to direct such a broad enterprise; hence, the enactment of this law.

Wheres the Clergyman?

Where's the Clergyman?


Madonna may have had center stage in Evita, but her music isn’t the only thing heard in most Argentine clubs:

A law demands that Argentine DJs play as much tango music as all other genres of music combined.

Last Tango in... Argentina?

Last Tango in... Argentina?


In Bangladesh, children 15 and older can be put in jail for cheating on their final examinations.

I guess Bangladesh felt that destroying one’s “permanent record,” wasn’t enough.


In Melbourne it is a crime for men to parade in dresses without straps, but perfectly acceptable to cross dress in any garment bearing sleeves.

This wouldnt fly in Melbourne

This wouldn't fly in Melbourne


If you thought that France was the country of romance, then you haven’t read the French legal code:

It is illegal to kiss on French railways.

I wonder what would have happened to Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay had they been in France shooting the famous train scene in Risky Business.

Freeze! Move away from the Girl!

Freeze! Move away from the Girl!

And finally, we return to the USA

It is a crime in Florida for divorced, widowed, or single women to parachute in the afternoon on Sundays.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Thanks for Reading!

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