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24th March 2009

A common question for people getting married in Thailand is: can I get a prenuptial agreement in Thailand? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Prenuptial agreements are recognized under Thai law and, if properly drafted, a Thai prenuptial agreement will be registered at the time of the Thai marriage. This is not the end of the story. There are some details that should be discussed before obtaining a Thai prenuptial agreement.

Thai Prenuptial Agreement when Registering a Marriage in Thailand

In Thailand, in order for a prenuptial agreement to be enforceable, the agreement must be registered at the time of the marriage. This is a literal statement, meaning that the agreement is attached to the marriage registration and is incorporated into the Thai marriage registration process. This is slightly different from prenuptial agreements in the US where they are simply signed before the marriage and it is somewhat separate from the marriage legalization.

Thai prenuptial agreements and US law

In a Thai prenup it is advisable to choose what type of law will govern the agreement. This means that if two people sign a prenuptial agreement that uses Idaho law, then at the time of the marriage dissolution, Idaho law will govern the agreement, regardless of where the divorce takes place. For Thai prenuptial agreements this is an important concept because it is probably not a good idea to use Thai law to govern the agreement. The reason for this is that most American jurisdictions will have a difficult time adjudicating property distributions on Thai legal principles due to the fact that those principles are foreign to concepts under common law. Also, a major reason for not using Thai law is the fact that the legislation is written in Thai and would thus be difficult to translate and interpret. This being said, a choice of law provision can be incorporated into a Thai prenuptial agreement so that US law will govern the agreement even though the agreement was executed in Thailand.

Why a US Attorney is necessary for Thai Prenuptial Agreements drafted for Americans

A US attorney in conjunction with a Bangkok lawyer can draft a prenuptial agreement that fully comports with both Thai and US law and ensure that it fully protects an American client’s assets should a divorce occur. Although Thai prenuptial agreements are not a guaranteed method of asset protection, they provide a great deal of protection for assets should a divorce arise.

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