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23rd September 2013

According to the website Khaosod it appears that Bangkok Metropolitan Police are preparing to implement a program whereby individuals in Bangkok may file complaints and police reports online. This program is designed to add convenience for members of the public wishing to make a police report and to decrease the costs associated with traditional methods of filing such reports.

“88 police stations in Bangkok Metropolis area will run ′online stations′ of their own” Police Major General Adul was quoted as saying, “The online gadget will allow public to access notification and complaint submissions, fine payment, document transaction, e-library, e-learning, games, e-investigation, and station contact.” He went on to note, “Moreover, in terms of lawsuit submission, instead of the paperworks the police will just send all the relevant data via electronic forms to prosecutors right away, which should make the whole process progress faster and more economical”

In this same report, a new Closed Circuit Television program was also discussed. The project, known as “Miracle Eyes” aims to see the installation of some one million CCTV cameras throughout the Bangkok Metropolis. The cost of installing these camera systems are  to be borne by the property owners where the cameras are situated. The operation of these proposed cameras will be undertaken by police officials and connected to a central database maintained by the Metropolitan Police. In emergency situations the police will be able to notify those maintaining these cameras via text messaging to registered numbers. Plans to install such cameras in various other locations such as bank branches, shops, and gas stations are also being discussed. The official announcement and roll-out of this program is expected to occur sometime in November of this year.

Officials throughout Bangkok have routinely sought the implementation of measures to improve safety in the city and provide further convenience to Citizens. It appears that the online police report system is designed to accomplish both of these aims. Meanwhile, the CCTV program appears designed to better monitor activity in the metropolitan area with an eye toward thwarting criminal activity more efficiently and effectively. This blogger must admit, however, that the thought of one million new cameras monitoring everyone in the city should give one pause. Notwithstanding the fact that an argument can be made that such surveillance could produce marked decreases in crime statistics, there is something rather eerie about the notion of authorities being able to monitor virtually everyone’s comings and goings remotely and rather passively. That being stated, the scope of this program remains to be seen.

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