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8th April 2010

This author has repeatedly discussed the problems arising from the unauthorized practice of law as so called “visa agents” and “visa companies” as well as those masquerading as legitimate attorneys can cause many problems for bi-national couples. With this in mind, we will briefly discuss the proliferation of “Do It Yourself” Kits and the American Visa Process.

Throughout the internet, it is becoming increasingly easy to find those touting “Kits” to provide guidance to those who are processing their own visa petition and application. First, it should be noted that this author is not concerned by those who opt to process their own US visa petition or US visa application. In fact, the right to unilaterally petition one’s government for benefits is something that should be preserved at all costs. However, some opt to seek counsel in processing their US visa application. In these cases, the use of a “kit” could prove more detrimental than beneficial. For example: most so-called “kits” simply provide information that is already freely available. In many cases, individuals find that when their “kit” arrives it contains information that could easily have been found on either the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website or the website of the Department of State. In some cases, information found in these “kits” can prove to be less than useful as some have found that information contained in a “visa kit” is out of date.

United States Immigration law encompasses rules and regulations promulgated by multiple government agencies as well as local law in foreign jurisdictions and the local Embassy or Consulate procedures in nearly every country on the planet. It is extremely difficult to imagine a “kit” that could provide guidance for all possible scenarios that could arise throughout the process of obtaining a visa for a foreign loved one.

A case in point, only recently was it announced that the K3 Visa application would be administratively closed. It is hard to imagine that one who purchased a kit right before this change was announced would have up-to-date information regarding the processing of a US marriage visa. This is just one example of how “Kits” cannot be used as effectively as competent legal advice from a professional.

Many “kit” retailers provide a 100% Guarantee or some other form of guarantee. As has been repeated many times on this blog, no ethical individual, attorney or otherwise, can guarantee the outcome of any case pending before USCIS, the National Visa Center, or a US Embassy abroad. Those thinking about purchasing a “Kit” may be wise to simply save their money.

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